About This Project

Welcome to a drawing challenge between Ellen Lindner and Barnaby Richards.

Ellen and Barnaby both studied Art History as undergraduates and idly wondered one day - probably over tea and cake - what it would have been like to have shared a day in a museum, back when they were BOTH young and crazy. What would happen if college-age Ellen (studying in America) had met university undergraduate Barnaby (lost in Manchester, England)?

With this question in mind, Ellen sent Barnaby a drawing to which he responded. So Art History Dropouts was born and this blog begun. They have kept going, watching a story gradually take shape, and have collected the first 40 drawings in a nifty little book, which is available to buy here.

Oh! and one other thing - there is SUPPOSED to be a time constraint of one hour on each drawing. This rule often gets broken (especially by Barnaby).